nanjing vice mayor ran hua and his party visited benchuan intelligent group-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2019-08-12
the vice mayor of nanjing, ran hua, led the nanjing financial management bureau, sasac, and taxation bureau to the benchuan intelligent group for investigation.

     on the morning of august 6, ran hua, vice mayor of nanjing city, led the nanjing financial administration, state-owned assets supervision and administration commission, taxation bureau and other leaders to the benchuan intelligent group for investigation. dong xiaojun, chairman of the company, received a warm reception, and huang chengwen, executive deputy head of lishui district, and other leaders accompanied the investigation. during the exchange, chairman dong xiaojun introduced the development history, product structure, market distribution, r&d and other aspects of benchuan intelligent group to the leaders such as vice mayor ran hua.