huang chengwen, member of the standing committee of lishui district committee and executive deputy head of the delegation, visited aiweier circuit-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2019-05-21

      on may 21st, huang chengwen, member of the standing committee and executive deputy director of lishui district committee of nanjing city, and xia yun, member of the standing committee of lishui district committee and secretary of the party working committee of the development zone, visited aiweier circuit (shenzhen) co., ltd. mr. dong xiaojun, chairman of benchuan intelligent group, met with the visiting leaders.
      huang chengwen, deputy head of the delegation and his party first visited the intelligent production workshop of everwell circuit. in the seminar that followed, chairman dong xiaojun introduced the development status, market layout, transformation and upgrade planning of the benchuan intelligent group company and the key projects of the expansion of the nanjing headquarters of the group headquarters to the leaders.
      deputy district chief huang chengwen said that jiangsu benchuan intelligent circuit technology co., ltd. will set up the group headquarters in lishui district, nanjing city. the functional departments at all levels of the district party committee and government will better serve enterprises and open up green channels for rapid development of enterprises. it is hoped that enterprises can seize the great opportunities for the development of the information industry and realize the leap-forward development of enterprises.