benchuan intelligent quality inspection workshop won the "may 1st women's model post" in lishui district-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2020-04-30
all personnel in the intelligent quality inspection workshop of benchuan strictly control the product quality, which makes the company's product quality widely recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers.

on the occasion of the "may day international labor day", lishui district, nanjing city held a commendation meeting to celebrate the "may day" international labor day, in recognition of the advanced collectives and advanced individuals that have emerged in the region in recent years. the quality inspection workshop of jiangsu benchuan intelligent circuit technology co., ltd. was rated as "may 1st women's standard post".


the quality inspection workshop of jiangsu benchuan intelligent circuit technology co., ltd. is dominated by female employees, and the number of female workers accounts for 95% of the employees in the workshop. all the time, under the correct leadership of the workshop manager and supervisor, the quality inspection personnel have completed all inspection tasks issued by the company without any problems, and have achieved excellent results, which have been unanimously praised by the company leaders, and more importantly because they the efforts to strictly control product quality have made the company's product quality recognized and praised by domestic and foreign customers.       


the work of quality inspection runs through the entire production process, from the expected inspection to the first piece inspection in the product production process, batch inspection, quality random inspection, problem feedback and resolution, etc. although the vast majority of the quality inspection department are female employees however, at work, they are not weaker than gay men at all, and their labor intensity is not lower than that of gay men. however, they have fully developed the excellent quality of the towel width to prevent the eyebrows, and they are brave and hardworking. they are not afraid of hardship, tiredness, and any one. male workers are comparable, even more rigorous and careful than male workers.

at work, under the leadership of supervisors and foremen, they constantly adjust themselves, maintain a positive work attitude, get rid of the thinking of vulnerable people, and really hold up half the sky. especially when the company's production tasks are busy, like the spring festival in 2020, an epidemic that broke out in wuhan and spread rapidly across the country suddenly hit the company. the company actively responded to the ministry of industry and information technology's "organization of infrared medical thermometers and other medical devices. "emergency notice for the resumption of production of parts production enterprises", after receiving the production task, started urgently on january 30, 2020 (the sixth day of the first month). the female employees of our quality inspection department are closely united and fully developed the spirit of ownership. she xiaojia and gu gu gave up the time for holiday rest, housework, and child care. when the production was busy, they worked overtime and rushed to work. they never affected the whole because of their personal life chores, and no one screamed and tired. it is to do the inspection work more carefully, to ensure the high quality of the medical equipment accessories supplied by the company, to complete the various tasks with quality and quantity, and the high-quality products have also won the trust and praise of our customers.

in the past year, the quality inspection department has achieved gratifying results, but the results can only represent the past. 2020 is a key year for the company’s development. the time is tight and the tasks are heavy. in particular, the rapid development of the 5g market the requirements will be higher and higher, and the female workers of quality inspection will meet more new challenges. under the correct leadership of the workshop manager and supervisor, they will continue to carry forward the fine traditional virtues, prove their strength with practical actions, and strive to complete the new tasks assigned by the company.   
       the women are not allowed to wear eyebrows. they are the clang roses produced by benchuan intelligent co., ltd., which is a beautiful landscape of the company!