2018 lishui district listing work symposium-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2018-05-30
in order to better understand the needs of enterprises, promote the orderly progress of the listing of enterprises in our district.

       in order to better understand the needs of enterprises, promote the orderly progress of the listing of enterprises in our district. on the morning of may 29, xuefeng guan, head of lishui district, and dong hao, member of the standing committee of lishui district committee and executive deputy head of the district, organized a symposium on the listing of enterprises in lishui district.

       at the meeting, wang chaoyong, director of the district development and reform bureau and director of the financial office, reported the progress of the listing work in lishui district, and thanked lishui enterprises for their continued support of regional economic development. in the next step, the district financial office should build a communication platform, establish a good "government-enterprise" relationship, improve the level of government services, do a good job in listing counseling, assist enterprises in solving the difficulties of listing and listing, and enable enterprises to develop faster and better.

       district governor xue fengguan pointed out that we must attach great importance to the listing of enterprises, actively create conditions, encourage and support the listing of enterprises, and promote the development and growth of more enterprises in the region using the capital market. district governor xue pointed out that it is an important measure for enterprises to broaden their financing channels, enhance their brand effect, and enhance their comprehensive strength in order to deeply understand the great significance of listing companies and promote their listing. it is necessary to strengthen confidence, change concepts, and follow the trend, by establishing a modern enterprise management system, using market-oriented mechanisms to attract professional talents, improve enterprise operation and innovation capabilities, and promote enterprises to become bigger and stronger and achieve long-term development. leaders of relevant districts should strengthen guidance and dispatch, and the financial office and relevant functional departments should build service platforms, actively do policy promotion and guidance, and provide comprehensive services such as training, consulting, and counseling for the listing of enterprises, to ensure that more companies use the capital market grow stronger.

       representatives of three companies including benchuan intelligent co., ltd. made speeches respectively and reported on the progress of the company's listing and listing. based on their actual conditions, they carefully analyzed the problems and countermeasures of the company's listing and listed specific suggestions and suggestions. mr. dong xiaojun, chairman of our company, said in his speech: under the leadership of the district party committee and district government, lishui is currently in a period of rapid development. we hope that under the excellent investment environment of lishui, we can accelerate the rapid development of the company. constantly regulate and improve the company's internal governance and strive to develop business. with the continuous improvement of the listing process, the company's governance, business, etc. can be brought to a higher level and can be successfully listed on the gem. not disappointing the earnest hope of leaders at all levels of the district committee and government, giving back to the society and giving back to our shareholders and employees.