nanjing benchuan was awarded "jiangsu province pilot enterprise of integration of two chemical industries"-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2015-05-05

       today, the jiangsu provincial economic and information commission announced the list of the first batch of pilot enterprises in jiangsu province in 2015 for the integration of information and industrialization (hereinafter referred to as the integration of the two), and nanjing benchuan electronics co., ltd. was selected.
       the evaluation of the pilot enterprises for the integration of the two industries is based on the “135” action plan for the integration of the two industries in jiangsu province, as well as the goals and tasks of the “hundreds of millions” project, based on the actual situation of the integration of the two enterprises in jiangsu province. the initial evaluation and recommendation of experts are determined by the expert review organized by the enterprise information division of the provincial economic and information commission.
       the implementation of in-depth integration of the two enterprises aims to realize the "six-generation" linkage of enterprise design digitalization, equipment intelligence, production automation, management network, business electronicization, and service customization, continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises, and promote lean manufacturing. green manufacturing, intelligent development and sustainable development.
      our company attaches great importance to the intelligent and modern development of the enterprise. in the process of enterprise development, it accelerates the adjustment and upgrading of product structure, technical structure and industrial structure, upgrades and transforms traditional processes, and improves the core competitiveness of our company. in the future, the company will further deepen the integration and improvement of enterprise information technology applications and enterprise information systems, and promote the in-depth integration of the two companies.