warm congratulations to the successful listing of benchuan intelligent new third board!-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2016-09-05


       in august 2016, jiangsu benchuan intelligent circuit technology co., ltd. was officially listed on the "new third board" of the national small and medium-sized enterprise share transfer system! stock abbreviation: benchuan intelligence, stock code: 839243.

      the construction and development of the neeq is a major reform and innovation in china’s capital market in recent years. the listing of the neeq has established a platform for direct financing for smes. the motivation for innovation.
       jiangsu benchuan intelligent circuit technology co., ltd. and its subsidiaries: aiweier circuit (shenzhen) co., ltd., zhuhai yatu electronics co., ltd., benchuan technology (hong kong) co., ltd., have certain forward-looking and practical feasibility the business model has won good expectations from the industry and favored by the capital market. the successful listing of the new third board is an important milestone in the company's development history, and also marks the upcoming leap and development of benchuan intelligent co., ltd.
       here, special thanks to leaders, shareholders, members of the new third board team and partners for their constant love and support!     
       in the future, under the leadership of chairman mr. dong xiaojun, the company will move towards a higher starting point, improve the strength of the enterprise, and further "grow bigger, better, stronger", with a new image, based on its own reality, seize opportunities, and create more brilliant tomorrow!