the most beautiful room in april-pg游戏试玩

column:company news time:2017-05-02
yangliu yiyi, swallows whisper, fragrant grass is beautiful, the fall is colorful, the blue waves clear the sky, the sky is blue and clean, the most beautiful is april on earth.

       yangliu yiyi, swallows whisper, fragrant grass is beautiful, the fall is colorful, the blue waves clear the sky, the sky is blue and clean, the most beautiful is april on earth. in this smart april, a persistent, full of expectations. in order to thank all colleagues for their unremitting efforts and selfless dedication to the company's development process; also to promote employee communication, strengthen the seamless connection between teams, enhance friendship, and enhance cohesion; at the same time, to promote the company's corporate culture concept and enrich employees' spare time cultural life, broaden horizons, take care of employees to the ground, let employees relax after busy work, and enjoy the pleasant scenery of nature. benchuan intelligent nanjing company organized all employees to travel to tianyang lake scenic area in liyang.

       tianmu lake also has the tremendous potential of the taihu lake, the beauty of the west lake's light makeup and the beauty of the qiandao lake. here, the sky is blue and pure, the lush bamboo forest exudes vitality, and the forest path surrounded by pine and cypress is like natural oxygen bar. the noise away from the city, the flowers and birds, the grass and insects, and the quiet natural environment make people feel nostalgic.

       with the bright sunshine, we slowly advance along the path. during the slow journey, we can quietly enjoy the beautiful scenery around us and feel the visual changes. hidden in the woods among the dense forest, the wood house suddenly brought people into the world of fairy tales. the wooden bridge is connected to the octagonal pavilion, and the lotus and the white clouds complement each other. walking in this "natural oxygen bar", you can feel the natural breath and make people feel very comfortable. the rich negative oxygen ions can effectively promote the body's metabolism and enhance the body's immunity.
       take a cruise and feel the beauty of tianmu lake. "lishan is green, and the water is tangy." there is no saga in the mountains but the mountains are green, but the water is not vast but has a long history. the green mountains and blue waters, the green waters and the waters, and the tenderness of the mountains and waters, which form a picture of rigidity and softness, movement and tranquility, harmonious and unified.
       look at the huli mountain, climb the top champion, and enjoy the panoramic view of tianmu lake; surrounded by the mountains surrounding the lake, the lake is clear and clean, there are fields like a chessboard, scattered and scattered tea gardens, and everywhere is a pure natural rural landscape, the lakeshore winding and winding, the natural scenery complements the artificial embellishment. ancient and famous trees, exotic flowers and plants in the scenic spot, with thousands of gestures. wild animals such as wild boars, hares, pheasants, and wild ducks inhabit and multiply, making them natural fun. mountains, water, forests, birds and beasts live together and prosper together, forming a peculiar ecological picture of nature.
       ascend to longxing island, experience the ecology, nature and wild fun, take a walk around the mountain road of longxing island, and smell the mountain. the colorful and colorful butterfly shadows make people feel like they are in a fairy landscape. the white dragon waterfall flowing through the years and the water splashes, and the hunter's shed that is hidden in the forest and beside the mountain stream brings you the original and sacred life. experience. overlapping green hills, curving boardwalks, and high and low dense forest crossings allow you to truly get close to nature, and be in an original landscape painting, appreciate "the two mountains hang like a cut, letting a stream flow "several times back to shi, qingshan stays everywhere".
       cross the xiaoyao cable bridge and visit the world's first pot; brew a cup of spring tea by the lake and let the young buds stretch in the water. sip tea and watch tea performances; rural villages step on the keel waterwheel to let the rushing clear water irrigate jia qiao's joy. push a stone grinder in the ancient mill, crush the hardships of life, and taste the soy milk that you grind...

       everyone enjoys playing and laughing happily, not only enjoying the magnificent natural landscape, but also exercising, cultivating sentiment, enhancing the friendship between colleagues, promoting the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, and at the same time alleviating the pressure of normal work. so that everyone's body and mind are relaxed, reflecting the company's "people-oriented management philosophy."
       the development of tourism activities has established a platform for the majority of bus employees to communicate and communicate with each other, so that the employees can relax in their intensive work. while enhancing friendship, they have enhanced the spirit of cooperation and collective honor, and fully demonstrated the people of benchuan. high spirits.
      "going tired and happy" is the unanimous feeling for everyone on the way back home. after achieving results in intensive work, then go to relax and play. the joy and enjoyment is a happy life and full of spirit. everyone said that they would devote more full enthusiasm to their work and make greater contributions to the company's development.